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Surface tapestry 1.9

Surface tapestry 1.9

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Painting: Acrylic and Ink on Paper.

This work is composed of six paintings (each 11x11 square), shown here framed into a grid structure (1 inch frames). The dimensions provided are for paintings without frames. The price is for the unframed work. 

This project started as an exploration into various surfaces rendered in dots and lines. I quickly became interested in scaling down the size and showing them in tapestry like groups. I suppose the idea of these small surfaces coming together to make one larger unique surface was interesting to me. Each one captures a different mood, feeling, and natural surface. I move between using screens and brushes to paint. What's important is that the paint not become too expressive (beyond what nature could produce). Some are painted and some are screen printed (or both). I don't really differentiate painting with a screen or with a brush, for me they are different techniques, not different disciplines.

My children call what I do screen painting because I typically paint from a screen only once or twice in a sitting, I'm not making large batches of prints.

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