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Christy Elizabeth

Surface 1.24 (framed)

Surface 1.24 (framed)

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A little pop! Interesting diptych with halftones (11x17 inches each). This work is navy blue on pale blue paper (see last image to see color). The blue acrylic is true to color, when it was photographed framed it looks black. This is of an edition of 100. 

This work is sold framed in two white aluminum frames, each frame is 11x17.

All of my screenprints are lovingly hand-crafted. I embrace imperfection in the process. These are not machine made. I screenprint because the paint has life, depth of color, and presence on the paper. As opposed to the giclée process which uses a mechanical process to reproduce depth.  (not a judgement just different way)

Thanks for looking. 

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