Elizabeth Thiaucourt

I am inspired to create emotional and physicals space through the process of making art. I'm a keen observer of life, people and the natural environment. I see my work as living objects that hopefully connect us with our humanity and connected experience of color, flux, and imperfection. My often light layers of paint and fluid techniques connect us to the energy of water and the universal emotions we associate with it. My work always starts and often ends with water. 

My artistic intent is to capture and share universal emotions. I'm inspired by shared experience that transcends culture and can hold space for common experience and emotions. I often work small or on paper to communicate a delicate and ephemeral experience that is more intimate and approachable.  

My practice of art making is a delicate dance between life, material, and chance. I fully embrace the moment and flow of feelings when I create work. Art and life are inseparable for me. The human experience is fraught with imperfection and I have learned to embrace it in life and in my work process. I embrace mistakes and beautiful mistakes. For me the most beautiful creations are found in nature. I abstract from natures perfect symmetry, balance, and atmosphere to communicate universal emotions.  I’m inspired by the many artists who practice today and those who came before me.  I am deeply inspired by the work of female artists that transcend the female experience yet feels so intensely female and bold.


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