Case Study: Design led GenAI strategy at McKinsey

Using a broad range of design methods, I worked to align a group of 40+ senior stakeholders to a common GenAI vision and strategy. The goal was to identify the most important use cases for the business and for end-users, all while ensuring the direction was feasible within proven GenAI capabilities and governance policies. Our aim was to pilot an MVP over three design sprints.

Client Feedback

"Through meticulous investigations, she identified multiple high-value initiatives that had previously gone unnoticed."

"Her insights were instrumental in shaping the project's direction and providing valuable guidance to the entire team" - McKinsey Partner

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Case Study

Through broad discovery research we focused design across three main categories of GenAI opportunities

Case Study

Managed workshops to strategize approaches and prioritize ideas, with the goal to unlock several transformative opportunities

Case Study

Focused on PowerPoint asset creation for clients, leveraging 40K existing documents and standards, available as shared knowledge

Case Study

User testing of early wireframes

“This would be game changing not only would it save me up to 2 hours a day but it would also improve the quality of my work and learning curve at the Firm.” 

--McKinsey Associate, 2nd year

Case Study

Evaluated and user tested several off-the-shelf products for content generation

Case study

Next step was kick-off for the"slide reformatting" pilot.

What we learned...

GenAI demonstrates its greatest value in repetitive, low-value tasks such as slide reformatting and ghost writing.

The specific nature of McKinsey's presentations necessitates a specialized language model based on proprietary knowledge.

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