New Market Opportunities in Publishing

Recently worked with a client to identify key strategies to integrate a cloud-based digital asset management solution for the Enterprise market. Work included identifying the most valuable workflows for customers and detailing requirements for future technology innovation. We leveraged our existing knowledge of enterprise solutions for search and CMS to deliver a unique perspective and roadmap.

Working directly with over forty of the client's customers we found the customer base had varying needs for Digital Asset Management (DAM) depending on the internal infrastructure, sales channels,  and downstream markets. Like many content management solutions we identified several internal dependencies on other systems and varying needs within the sales channels. Given our expertise in publishing we were able to jump in keen understanding of publishing challenges and industry trends in general. Even with all the complexities we were able to find patterns in the data and customer research that would lead to the likely success of the DAM platform, thus driving increased usage and an ongoing commitment to the client's existing product.

Work was well received by the client and resulted in focusing features development on the most profitable workflows for customers and clients alike.

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