Digital Asset Management (DAM) in the evolving publishing markets

Adding value to the Creative Workflow Previous Close Project We recently worked with a large stock photography company to identify specific industry verticals that would benefit from cloud-based digital asset management workflows.   The company's goal was to identify how to provide more value to customers by enhancing automation and cloud-based solutions as part of their current stock photography/creative workflow. Stock photography is an increasingly crowded market and companies are looking for ways to extend usage into the enterprise by providing more upstream value for creatives in marketing and design. Providing a one-size-fits-all platform becomes more complex as you move across industries and companies large and small. The shifting landscape of stock photography means providing better tools for photographers and for companies that acquire stock photography for online or offline marketing.  Work involved creating a research plan, recruitment strategy, conducting customer interviews (many remote), executive level research findings and personas. As a second phase we delivered an "opportunities" deck for each of the vertical markets.
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