"Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art" -- Andy Warhol

The evolving practice of buying and selling art....

Artists in the modern era have been beholden to those with power, influence, and control. The internet has changed the equation for many artists yet added new obstacles and distractions along the way.  Instagram and other media sharing platforms have created many avenues for self-promotion and to sell direct to collectors. Artists are working harder than ever to have their work seen and finding their markets. All the while leading art marketplaces want to take 30%.  I believe should provide artists a greater percentage of the sale of their work, hence the groupform Collective.

Collectors are now inundated with new art hourly and likely don't feel they have the time to find the right art, let alone truly understand what they are buying. Affordable Art Fairs provide some collectors ideas and trends in which to buy but inventories are limited.

Conscious artists and collectors I think yearn to connect and learn from one another. Long gone are the times when an artist works tirelessly in a studio for a year for a show that last four weeks. Today artists are constantly exposing their work and ideas, taking commissions. Groupform supports artists that engage with collectors through phone calls, emails, and social media.

Groupform aims to provide a curated body of art that fits a range of budgets and aesthetics in a new way where artists and collectors directly connect.