Masters from Christie's Auction House, New York

Masters from Christie's Auction House, New York

I am a working artist with a Masters in Modern Art from Christie's auction house. I completed by MA in 2004 and have since worked in the industry and returned to full-time painting over the last five years. 

My experience learning about the art market has been invaluable to me as an artist and I believe I can add value for both artists and collectors. 

I think we live in time that is both ideal and discouraging for artists in their early stages of their career. An artist has so many choices to make about how they spend their time; in addition to the art making studio process itself. All of this can be daunting for artists and have experienced this myself. By being part of collective we can share knowledge that extend way beyond the studio. Most working artists know there will always be challenges in the studio and we learn to deal with them. However for many artists managing self-representation requires a tribe and support. We aim to be that tribe for artists. 

For collectors I can offer some support in developing your eye for a greater appreciation for art. We are a curated group which means artists are deciding what is sold on our site. Artists who have trained their eye to see quality, identify trends, and view work with an appreciation for Art History.  

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