Christy Elizabeth

Christy Elizabeth

About my work

I am inspired to create physical and emotional space through art. When I begin a work, I look for ways to create openings for the viewer to engage with. I see the work not as a statement but as a living, breathing and useful object. I wish for it to provide a freedom that one only experiences in passing when glancing at beauty or smelling a fragrant scent.

My intent is to capture or embrace universal emotions and not personal expression. I use printmaking techniques, in addition to drawing and painting, for its unexpected outcomes.  Working on paper is powerful, it represents a delicate and ephemeral experience that is more intimate, approachable.  I look to create a sense of openness in my work, something that allows space for the viewer to engage.

Art making for me is an intimate dance between life, material, and chance.  It is a process, not a goal. It is how I stay open to new possibilities, to continue to push boundaries.  I often remind myself of this quote:

“The idea becomes the machine that makes the art”

– Sol Lewitt

I’m inspired by nature, by the many makers who came before me, by those who create art today. Art and life are inseparable. I am inspired by the work of women that transcends the female experience yet feels so intensely female and bold.

I also often reflect on this quote as part of my work process:

“All artists establish a set of internal rules, ideas, and structures that they can build on and also work against but that they can not predict”


My work themes:

Energy and flow are more than the perception of movement in my work. I try to connect with elements that make us feel flow through the connectedness of line and charged energetic structures. I embrace the mindset that energy travels to and through you.

Decay and imperfection are one and the same for me.  The human experience is fraught with imperfection; I have learned to embrace it in life and in my work process. Every work I begin has its own path that I try to see to a mutually acceptable conclusion.

Drawing and the absolute power of line to elicit feeling. Line in both the physical and mental worlds defines our lives by separating the visible and invisible structures we exist in. Line carries power as does the absence of it.

Natural Beauty holds special meaning in all of my work because of its ability to create openness within the viewer. The most beautiful creations are found in nature. I abstract from natures perfect symmetry, balance, and unending forgiveness.

Christy Elizabeth Thiaucourt currently works and resides in New York. A native of California she studies at the California College of Arts and Crafts and has Masters in Art History from Christie’s Auction in New York.

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